A British Calculator Ltd mechanical adding machine.

Made by British Calculators Ltd in United Kingdom, 1914-1915.

Brical machines were made by British Calculators Ltd. (BRICAL), UK between 1914 and 1950. They have a strong relationship to commercial retailing and other business use, and were known to have been used by retail organisations such as David Jones, Grace Bros., Mark Foys, and Australian insurance companies.

This machine was designed for adding currency in British denominations (Pounds, Shillings and Pence), weights and measures, as well as decimal coinage, using a stylus.


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Physical Description

Adding machine with a stylus, metal / wood / glass / textile / ivory, made by British Calculator Ltd, United Kingdom, 1914-1915

An adding machine used for adding pounds, shillings and pence. The machine consists of a series of metal wheels that do not share a common axis. The outer circumference of each ring has a series of notches or teeth cut into there surface. A black enamelled lid covers the whole assembly. There are curved slots cut into its surface of the lid to reveal the notches in the wheels below. Totals are read on scales engraved below each slot. An ivory stylus is used to operate the machine. The calculator is enclosed inside a black wooden box with a hinged lid. The base of the box, where the calculator sits is covered in blue velvet and the stylus that operates the machine sits in a groove next to the calculator. There is a circular glass window in the lid of the box.



British Calculators Ltd, UK


British Calculators Ltd 1914-1915


Credit Line

Gift of Eric R Brown, 1990

Acquisition Date

17 May 1990

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